Show Developments for 2017

Initial Planning
This information is designed to primarily inform regular visitors about some of the changes that are being implemented for the 2017 show. In recent years we have used three exhibition spaces - Sports Hall, Dance Studio and Old Gymnasium. While planning the 2017 show we were unable to obtain a guarantee that the Old Gymnasium would be available as there was the possibility that it was going to be redeveloped.

On working with the school we secured an alternative exhibition space known as the Old Library Complex which is roughly double the size of the Old Gymnasium. The Old Library Complex is within the main school building but very close to the Sports Hall/Dance Studio. In previous years many visitors would have walked passed the Old Library Complex while transferring to the restaurant for refreshments.

Main Changes for 2017
  • Three Exhibition Spaces
  • It is important that all visitors ensure they visit all three exhibition spaces which are known as
    Exhibition Hall 1: Old Library Complex (NEW FOR 2017)
    Exhibition Hall 2: Dance Studio
    Exhibition Hall 3: Sports Hall

  • Pay Desks and Wrist Bands
  • It is proposed to have two pay desks. The Sports Hall pay desk will operate as in previous years with queuing outside. The new desk in the Old Library Complex will hopefully enable queuing inside. It is proposed that on payment each visitor will receive a wrist band which must be worn at all times and be shown when entering any of the exhibition spaces. This will allow free movement between halls on each day as often as is desired.

  • Movement between Halls
  • There will be a signed short and level 50m walk between the Sports Hall and the Old Library Complex.

  • Two Day Ticket
  • As there is more to see this year we are planning to offer a two day entry ticket with an additional payment - more details to follow.

    Sample Floor Plan for 2017 (New Layout)
    2017 Plan
    We would welcome your thoughts on the developments this year so please feedback to the blue shirted club members or via the feed back form available in the show guide.